For Our Employees

Expertise - The Modern Difference

Modern Staffing takes the time to understand your skill set & ambitions, which helps us to put you in a position to succeed.

Some of our clients do not advertise for their own roles; choosing to utilize Modern Staffing's expertise to assist them. As an employee of Modern Staffing, we can expand the reach of your resume greatly. It is our job to sell your strengths to our clients and highlight why you should be the successful candidate.

We speak to you before submitting your name to a customer. Our employee/candidate privacy is extremely important to us. This allows us to discuss the opportunity you want to explore. We know your time is valuable; we will not waste it on positions that do not match your skill sets & goals. Modern Staffing is your H.R. Department; ensuring your job is meeting your expectations and willing to help where ever we can.

Modern Staffing will work with you to develop a resume and improve your interview skills to maximize your opportunities


Flexibility - Approach to Employment

Modern Staffing offers a wide array of job types to fit your situation without committing more to a potential employer than you can deliver.

There are times when events in your personal life may interest with your ability to go to work, Modern Staffing gives you the flexibility to step away from work to find something else that better matches your current situation.


On Demand - A Quick Replacement Workforce

The ability to pick up extra shifts on short notice allows you the opportunity to earn additional money.

Being an on-call employee also allows you the opportunity to show-case your skills to potential future employers. As an on-call employee you also experience a wide variety of jobs within a number of different facilities; helping you determine what the best career path may be for you.

On-call experience and a record of attendance are great selling features once you have the time to dedicate to full time employment.